I see European Union as a creative and dynamic initiative.
It is a fellow-feeling and support for weaker brethren - let's offer our hands



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Conservatives and liberals have made a big mess of managing Europe and the crisis. Every unemployed person knows it, every woman that has had her rights stripped away knows it and every youth whose future is in jeopardy
(Sergei Stanishev, PES President, Rome Election Congress, 01 03 2014)
Do we feel the pain of a young man or a young woman who sends off 300 job applications and gets 300 No's? Do we feel the pain of a couple in their 50s who lose their jobs and lose their home because they can no longer pay their
(Martin Schulz, Candidate for Commission President, speech at the Rome Congress of the Party of European Socialists, 01 03 2014)
Austerity measures taken by right wing representatives and therefore impoverishment of people did not prove itself. We should save, but the main focus should be given to stimulating the economy and creating new jobs.
(Justas Paleckis, MEP to the Žinių radio on the Rome Congress of the Party of European Socialists, 05 03 2014 )