I see European Union as a creative and dynamic initiative.
It is a fellow-feeling and support for weaker brethren - let's offer our hands



MEP Justas Paleckis Office

Pylimo Street 12-10, LT-01118 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. +370 5 266 3056
Tel.,Fax +370 5 266 3058
Mail: biuras[at sign]paleckis.lt


Vilnius Book Fair 2014

Professor Vanda Kasauskiene book‘s „Trap in history. Justas Paleckis life and activity in 1899-1980“ presentation 24 01 2014

Visitors trip to the European Parliament 12-18 10 2013 and exhibition „Art signs in the capital Samogitia"

Matas Salcius Prize

Meeting with German „Technisches Hilfswerk“ members 28 May 2013

Visitors trip to the European Parliament 6-13 04 2013

Exhibition "Neringa – A Wonder of Nature shaped by the Sea, Wind and Dunes" in the European Parliament

Vilnius Book Fair 2013

Book A Man Under Target presentation 23 02 2013

Edvardas Zakaris, member of the Seimas, and Justas Paleckis, MEP, meet with people from Siauliai

Visit in Georgia 13-16 Nov. 2012

Visitors trip to European Parliament 04-11 11 2012

Competition participats meet MEP Justas Paleckis 19 10 2012

Mobility week, 16 09 2012 Brussels

Conference on Culture & Media Issues 15 06 2012

Telsiai municipality mayor's and architecture department director's visit to EP in Brussels 28 05 2012

Baltic forum, Latvija 25-27 May 2012

Visit in Kaliningrad 16 May 2012

Visit in Marijampole 4 May 2012

Meeting With Vilnius Juventa High School Community

Trade union delegation in EP 24-26 04 2012

President elections in Russia 04 03 2012

Elections in Russia 04 12 2011

Minutes from conference on Social Inclusion at PES Convention 2011-11-25

Neringa's 50th birthday

Authors and Socialdemocrats Round Table Discussion on Magazine „Gairës“ Issues 21 10 2011

Strike of farmers from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in Brussels

Sochi, May 2011


Litauen - Land und Leute, 17 March 2011, Luxemburg

Meeting with ECOSY - Young European Socialists representatives

Uganda - Elections 18 02 2011

Minutes of visit to Telðiai region

Meeting with EIGE director in EP Brussels 3 February 2011

Byelorussian Puzzle: Sanctions Or Dialogue?

Minutes of visit to Alytus

Meeting of Lithuanian Forum of the Disabled with MEPs 2010-12-20

Visit To Trakai 26 November 2010

Socialists International Board meeting in Paris, 19 November 2010

Visit in Skuodas 19 11 2010

Visit in Pagegiai 17 09 2010


Politician in My View

S&D Seminar on Belarus

EP Visitors in Strasbourg 17-23 04 2010

Gardin, April 2010

Cyprus March 2010

Preserving the memory of the tragedy of Auschwitz

Article competition for university students

Birthday of MEP Z. Balèytis

Justas Paleckis visitors group in European Parliament in Brussels 06 10 2009

Mobility Day In Vilnius 2009

Lithuanian MEPs meeting with European commissioner Dalia Grybaiskaite

Minutes from environmental event DAROM'09

Project "Parliamentary street", April 2009, Brussels

Visitors Group 25 04-02 05 2009

Meeting with MEP Justas Paleckis stagiers in Vilnius and Brussels offices during the EP legislative period (2009-05-08)

Visit to Zarasai 2009 05 11

Visit to Jurbarkas and Ðakiai 01 06 2009

How We Fly Around The EU Book Presentation 02 07 2009

Group visit to the EP in Strasbourg, spring of 2011

International Conference "EU-Russian Relationship", Vilnius 05 07 2007

Amsterdam Where bicycles race cars

Artists visit Brussels 10-14 Sept 2007

Young Socialdemocrats From Marijampolë Visit Paleckis Office

EHU University Students In Brussels

20 June 2007 meeting with Mr Kirkilas, a Prime Minister of Lithuania and Mr Schulz, MEP and a Chairman of the Socialist Group in the EP

A Group Trip To EP, 13-20 October 2007

Competition For Schoolchildren

Round Table Discussion On The Reform Treaty

Geography ... Upside-down

Discussion about the EU Development to Western Balkans 25 January 2008

Photos from the Middle East

Members of EP meet Prime Minister of Lithuania

Conference "Solidary Lithuania"

International conference "Global climate change: Task? Threat"

Reception in the EP, celebration 90 years of Estonia's independence

Justas' visit in Palanga, 2008

Conference for Prague Spring, 15-16 05 2008

Round Table Discussion on Social Exclusion 29 05 2008

A trip to Strasbourg for the participants of the 'Letter' contest, 19-26 04 2008

Conference "Right-wing extremism in Europe", 15-16 05 2008

Conference "Right-wing extremism in Europe", Dresden 15-16 05 2008

Justas' visit in Neaple, 2008 06 10-12

Photos from Kaliningrad


Visit in Lithuanian Air Venues

European Parliament Hall in Strasbourg

Conference 11-12 09 2008

Visit in Ukmerge

Aleksandr Kozulin Visit in the European Parliament 2008 09 17. Photos made by Illya Rozenbaum

Visit in Kosovo

Visit in Vievis 2008 09 26

A trip to Brussels for the participants of the 'Letter' contest, 11-18 10 2008. Photos taken by Illya Rozenbaum

Robert Amsterdam meeting 05.11.08 (Photographs taken by Illya Rozenbaum)

Round table discussion on Genetically modified organisms

Members of the European Parliament were invited to meed magical VIlnius

Plenary session

Vilnius Book fair 13/02/2009

Presentation of the "Green codex" at Vilnius Uþupio gymnasium

Discussion with European Citizens 2009

EP Environment, Public Health and Food Safety commity

Akimirkos ið LSDP sàskrydþio Giruliuose 2009 06 26-28